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Welcome to the BearPaw Ruger Grip Store..home of fine Blackhawk Vaquero Bisley Hunter and Birdshead all natural wood hand carved grips!

Proudly hand built in the USA, by the Wilson Family, one pair at a  time. Many of you have asked for more information about our grips, and  a friendlier, easier way to find and buy from us, so watch us grow . Bearpaw grips came about thru  adversity, requiring me to design a safer grip for myself due to hand  weakness following multiple surgeries due to an accident. Then upon the  request of friends in need, I started building for others and the rest  is history enjoy!

JB and Nancy Wilson

Guild Built




The Old Bear  here....Simply the "Guild" built grips are built by other members of the  family from all over the USA ...sent to us ...inspected by us ...and  marketed by us when they meet our quality requirements ...all Guild  participants have apprenticed under me and are trained to build the same  EIG-5 contour system ...the ole Bear needs the help as I fall further  behind but rest assured you will be receiving the same fine product and  service excellence will continue ...I promise  

JB & NANCY WILSON/BrokenBear/BearPaw Grips 

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Welcome to the BearPaw Ruger Grip Store.






warm  in the winter and cool in the summer ...oh isin't it great! Almost  makes you feel sorry for the poor fellows pouring reconstituted soybeans  into expensive jello moulds and then trying to compete with the beauty  of something the Good Lord made! Then we here at BearPaw come along and  hand shape that piece of marvel into something you folks can use. So  lets examine what you can expect from the part that BearPaw does.  


It is a fact of life that Ruger hand fits the grip frame to the  frame. Additionally, the finishing of the grip frame prior to fitment to  the fame itself also evidently has some hand finishing. These  statements are brought to light simply to explain that no two Rugers are  EXACTLY alike dimensionally ...close but not exact. So hand  finishing/fitting creates plus and minus tollerances on everything that  has to do with a grip frame ...radius of backstrap, thickness of grip  frame, radius of curve of outside finish of backstrap, distance from  front to rear of grip frame and even the angle of the grip frame in  relation to the bore etc. etc. Simply the factory builds a grip that  covers all these nuances ...sometimes ok and sometimes not ok. Well...  we here at BearPaw fare a little better in that we have learned where  you do and don't need the excesses. The only thing we cannot cover is  when a really acute angle changes between the grip frame and bore  occurs. We do however have a solution to even this troublesome problem. If  you have one of those rare acute angled(or over/undersized gripframe) Rugers we simply trade out what  you've purchased for one cut for your rarity(we do not charge extra to build to your gripframe). We keep pattern guns with  the like acute angles specifically for this rare problem. So what is our  statement as to fit?  


We are as a  general rule much better fitted than original factory grips. Our  customers tell us we are better than other after market grips. Bottom  line...when you get your new BearPaw grip we believe it will fit better  than what you have but even more importantly ... we will work with you  to get your BearPaw grip reasonably fitted if it dosen't. We do run into  a "maverick" gripframe from time to time that requires sending us the grip frame only  for correct fitment. With that, said we have only have that event occur 1 time out of every 250 grips.All we ask from you is to be reasonable  ...our prices are intended to be affordable for the average shooter and  common sense dictates you cannot spend multiple hours "fine tuning" a  grip and keep the cost in EVERYONE'S reach! So we will say we build fine  working grips and not show pieces costing 3 times or more the cost of  what we are asking for out grips.  


BearPaw Grips are an art form. They are intentionally  individualistic. We use the finest figured woods available. We hand  craft grips one piece at a time. We do not finished grips as flawless  show pieces as mentioned above, but as affordable working grips. We do  not attempt to hide,fill, or in any way alter natural inclusions nature  has grown into the wood as we believe that is part of the individuallity  and character of the grip. By inclusions we are not saying we sell  splits, knot holes etc. but rather the natural voids that occur in  highly figured woods. And last, unlike a jello mould we intentioally do  not sand to glass smooth simply because the end user needs a tractive  surface on the grip for the obvious reasons so ...gentle to the eye, we  think so smooth to the touch nope, just working smooth. Our  coloring is a secret ...from an old luthier [a Pennsylvania fiddle maker  actually] and we think it is the finest we ever laid eyes on bar none!  Last but not least is the top coat sealer which if damaged can easly be  repaired by the customer themselves. Every BearPaw grip leaves our  facility with all attaching hardware, spacer, installation instructions  and our business card. If ever you do have damage to your BearPaw grip  just use that card to contact us and we will walk you right though the  easy self repair steps.  

Thanks for visiting us and we surely hope we can help your shooting sport be a happy sport!  

The BearPaw Family 





In the description you will find a number at the end of the  description with 4 digits only, or followed by an X,N,R,B,H,L,XN or S. 

1234XN =Blackhawk,Single 6/7 with  painted alloy gripframe marked XRN-3RED an R series grip may be used but  if paint has pooled at top under the wing the XN grip may fit better

1234R =Old full-size Vaquero, all  current production Blackhawks 1972&up,Super Single Six, New Model  Single Six and Super Blackhawk w/ 4-5/8 & 5-1/2 barrels only.
1234N = New Model Vaquero and 50th Anniv.& Lipsey 44 "Flatop" Model and WILL NOT fit the original 3 screw flat top w/ XR3 frame.
1234S = Fits the Super Blackhawk with 7-1/2 inch and longer barrel with squareback trigger guard.
1234X =Fits original 3 screw flat top Blackhawk (1972-73 transition 3 screws models in serial range of 31-39000 will require the 1234R)  and WILL NOT fit the New Model Vaquero or 50th Anniv. model.  

1234H= Fits the Birds Head model made only by Ruger and not represented to fit non Ruger manufactured grips frames.  

1234B= Fits the Bisley model of Ruger manufacture.  

1234L= Fits the 2008 Blackhawk and New Model single-Six with internal lock   

RUGER GRIP FRAMES EXPLAINED  XR3 Was the first original frame introduced  in 1953 and is associated with the venerable 3 screw flat tops in both  .357 and 44 mag as well as the single six ..discontinued in 1962 ...The  BearPaw grip description of digits will end in an "X" for this  application
XR3-RED replaced the XR3  original as a transition grip for 1962 and 63.and is larger than the XR3  grip and can and will use the current production Blackhawk grip The  BearPaw grip description for this application will be four digits only  or followed by "R"
XRN-3RED was introduced  as a running change as Ruger went to the transfer bar system for  ignition but uses the same grip as the XR3-RED The BearPaw grip  description for this application will be the four digits only  or followed by an "R".
KXR3 Is the  stainless version of the blued XR3-RED and XRN-3RED the BearPaw grip  description of this application will end in the four digits only or  followed by an "R".
Super Blackhawk Does  not have frame markings but is identifiable by the square rear portion  of the trigger guard and as shippped from the factory is found on guns  whose barrel lenght is 7-1/2 inches and longer. This application will  have four digits followed by an "S".
New Model Vaquero/50th Anniversary Has no consistant frame marking. It is simular in size to the original  XR3 frame but has a different anchor pin placement as well as recesses  cut into the grip to accomodate the safety lock mechinism that protrudes  outside the width of the frame ...also fits this model without lock.  This grip is designated with a four digit number followed by an "N"

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